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Occupational Therapy

Accelerate Abilities Occupational Therapy offers a wide range of occupational therapy services to both adults and children across the entire metro Adelaide area.

Our team of experienced and highly trained occupational therapists & allied health assistants are committed to providing comprehensive and effective therapy services to help individuals achieve their full potential and improve their quality of life.

We accept all types of funding, including the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA), private health insurance, and Medicare, to ensure that our services are accessible to everyone in need.

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Shaping Healthy Futures

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Paediatric Services
Our paediatric services include early intervention and school-based therapy to help children reach their developmental milestones and achieve academic and social success.
Young Adult Services
Our young adult services include support with transitioning from schooling to post-school options, assessments for independence and support within home, work and supported living settings.
Adult Services
Our adult services include functional capacity assessments, assistive technology assessments and minor home modifications assessments to support independent living and enhance well-being.
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Empowering You

Excelling In Care

At Accelerate Abilities Occupational Therapy in Adelaide, we're committed to excellence in client care. We take a personalised approach, tailoring our treatments to meet the unique needs and goals of each individual, ensuring the highest quality of care.

Positioned in the vibrant heart of Adelaide, we focus on providing occupational therapy that resonates with the personal objectives and lifestyle of our clients. Our collaborative, client-centred methods empower individuals to reach their full potential and enhance their quality of life.

Utilising the latest in occupational therapy techniques, our Adelaide team is dedicated to facilitating meaningful improvement and positive outcomes for all. We're not just service providers; we're partners in your journey to wellness, deeply invested in the health and success of our Adelaide community.

The Team

Peter Pazios

Director & Occupational Therapist - Adelaide

One of the co-founders and directors of Accelerate Abilities, Peter Pazios is a graduate of the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy). With experience working with children, teenagers and adults locally, overseas and across private, respite and educational settings, Peter brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Accelerate Abilities.

Peter has a strong passion for working holistically alongside individuals and the support networks that are involved in an individual’s life. He focuses on identifying the areas of need for individuals and works on functional-based goals to support growth and independence.

Peter has also completed further training in behavioural therapy, feeding therapy, toileting and sleep, and has experience working with a range of both physical and cognitive disorders. He works closely with each individual, their family and support networks to collaboratively develop an individualised program to suit the needs of each individual.

Accelerate Abilities
Peter Pazios Adelaide Occupational Therapist

Jessica Hank

Occupational Therapist - Adelaide

As an occupational therapist for almost 10 years, Jessica Hank is experienced across a broad range of sectors including both inpatient and community rehabilitation, and compensable injury.

Jess is passionate about a person-centred approach to therapy and loves working with clients to find a meaningful approach to achieving their individual goals. Jess values the diversity of what Occupational Therapy can offer clients whether it be learning or relearning skills, finding solutions to maintain or improve independent living skills such as assistive technology, or rehabilitation.

Jess's warm and nurturing approach, together with her knowledge and experience, maximises her clients’ ability to achieve their individual goals.

When she isn't working, Jess spends her time looking after her two-year-old daughter. She lives near the beach so you will often find her walking with coffee in hand and throwing the ball to her Boston Terrier, Frankie.

Accelerate Abilities
Jessica Hank Occupational Therapist Adelaide

Eleni Kasidis

Occupational Therapist - Adelaide

Eleni Kasidis is a Paediatric Occupational Therapist who is passionate about working with children and young adults to assess functional limitations arising from illness, disability or mental health and providing them therapy to help them perform daily activities and achieve personal goals.

Eleni seeks to develop their skills to facilitate their success in whatever they put their minds to.

Accelerate Abilities
Eleni Accelerate Abilities Occupational Therapist

James Ridgwell

Occupational Therapist - Adelaide

James is a graduate of the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Human Movement and a Master of Occupational Therapy. James has diverse experience in working with children and teenagers of all abilities across different settings such as therapy, education, sports and mentoring.

James has a passion for inclusivity and enhancing the lives of others in any way possible. He loves tailoring therapy to accommodate the interests of each individual and helping them to achieve their goals. He focuses on supporting the individual and working with their support networks to collaboratively work towards their goals.

Outside of work, you will likely find James playing and volunteering for his local football club, at the gym or walking his dogs.

Accelerate Abilities
James Ridgwell Accelerate Abilities


    Therapy Services

    Occupational Therapists (OTs) work with people to support their participation in everyday activities. This can range from self-care activities, domestic tasks, leisure and play, school or work and life skills such as accessing the community and social skills.

    We work closely with individuals and their support network at home, school or in the community to identify their goals and put together a plan to help enhance their independence in activities that are important to them.

    This can be done by modifying the environment, providing adaptive equipment as well as providing rehabilitation and/or retraining.

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    Functional Capacity Assessments

    Home Safety Assessments

    Sensory Profiles

    School/Pre-School Based Assessments

    Life Skill Assessments

    Assistive Technology Assessments & Trials

    Assesses a participant's functional performance in daily activity both at home and the community. It aims to holistically consider the comprehensive needs and goals of the client and identify necessary support to enable the client to participate in daily living activities, ensuring they have the right level of support and funding to achieve their goals.
    If you are returning home from the hospital or have recently had changes to how you are managing living independently at home, a home safety assessment can help. This assessment can help to identify the areas which are presenting challenges and make recommendations to improve home safety, functionality and independence. This may include recommending equipment, home modifications or providing education regarding different ways of performing a task.
    Difficulties with Sensory Integration can occur when messages from one or several sensory systems are not being processed effectively, resulting in a person being over or under-sensitive to particular sensations. Sensory profile assessments evaluate an individual's sensory processing patterns in the context of everyday life, providing a unique way to determine how sensory processing may be contributing to or interfering with participation in everyday tasks.
    Difficulties with school-based learning as well as preparation for school require support from an early age to establish the necessary building blocks for future success. School/Pre-school based assessments evaluate a child's fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, and motor skills in order to support them with learning in the classroom environment and engagement in schooling.
    Difficulties with activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) are very common among individuals of all ages. Areas such as toileting, dressing, hygiene/grooming, feeding, sleep, housework, money management, shopping, meal preparation, personal safety, travelling and organisational tasks are assessed through life skill assessments and help to identify which areas require further support through therapy.
    We apply our specialised knowledge to recommend suitable equipment which enhances independence and helps to make daily tasks easier. We work closely with the client to identify the most suitable option and provide clinical evidence to assist the participant to access funding. Assistive technology can range from small aids to help with dressing through to more complex and specialist technology such as powered wheelchairs.

      Client Feedback

      • Peter has been working with my son who has Cerebral Palsy for the last few years. During this time, he has helped my son in many ways. Having Peter work with my son in his home means the skills he is learning and developing can be replicated each day.

        My son looks forward to his weekly OT sessions with Peter and doesn't see them as 'therapy' but rather a fun part to his weekly routine.

      • Jessica.. thank you for your visit.. we have never dealt with an Occupational Therapist before and we were very impressed by the information you provided, and your enthusiasm and energy.

        We look forward to working with you. Again thank you.

        Wal & Helen
      • Peter’s service for our son with autism has been excellent. He always suggests recommendations for services, typical developmental milestones, promotes engagement in age appropriate activities and provides appropriate community resources that support participation.

        We wanted to share this information and let others know that Peter does a fabulous job with our son.  We are forever grateful to have met him in our Autism journey and would highly recommend his professionalism, advice and skills.

        Ashim & Maria
      • We can't thank Peter enough for everything he has done for our son. Our son’s trust and confidence has grown in so many aspects.

        It's comforting to know our son has someone special like Peter to confide in.

        Chad & Laura
        NDIS Logo
        We accept both self-managed and plan-managed NDIS participants of all ages and disabilities.
        Dept of Veteran Affairs
        Our bulk-billed services allow eligible veterans to access occupational therapy services at no charge.
        Private Health Bupa Medibank
        Occupational therapy private health rebates are able to be accessed in the vast majority of health funds. Check with your health fund to find out what rebates you are eligible for.
        Patients with care plans are able to receive funding via medicare for allied health services, this helps to cover a portion of the consultation or assessment.


        Accelerate Abilities Occupational Therapists have extensive experience in service provision within the paediatric, adult, aged care and disability sectors.

        Our team of compassionate and connected Occupational Therapists work closely with each individual, their families, support network, and relevant funding bodies to ensure ease of access to services for eligible patients.

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        Phone:0405 177 258
        Mailing Address:2/204 Military Road, Henley Beach SA 5022
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